With many similar homes on the market in Hua Hin it is imporant that your property stands out from the crowd. 


Our experiance is that using an interior stylist increase interest in the property among buyers and that the seller gets more hits on the adds through delicate pictures of their home. When selling a home it is important to give the buyer a good first impression. This is usually through advertisements on internett, brouchour and last but not least, when the potential buyer are experiencing the property at open houses.


For a potential buyer interested in your property it is important to present the property as inviting as possible. The interior stylist will neutralize the residence for private effects and pay particular attention to not over-furnish the home.


Luxury Hua Hin's Interior Designer can provide with guidance, assistance and furnish the home to bring out the best in your property.

Prices depend on whether you want full furnishing, only assistance or consultant during the constrution process.

We offer:

- Preparation of Mood Board

- 2D and 3D drawings

- Lighting Plan

- Purchase from individial list

- Dialog with the contractor until completion date



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